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Summer 2017 Dance Classes

Registration is now open for 2017 Summer classes at HeartBeats. This 7 week session runs from July 5th - August 22nd, 2017. See the schedule page for a listing of classes. See the policies page for full details on cancellations, make-up classes, dress code and more.

"You pick six" Summer Class Pricing! No more worries about missed classes & lost value due to your Summer Travels! We've built in a floating vacation week for you to use when you choose and discounted your tuition accordingly. You sign up for seven weeks of classes, but only pay for six! One hour classes are $120 for the whole session, 90 minute classes are $180. See the 2017 Summer pricing page for the full details.

You can register online, via phone at 703-440-900 or in-person at the studio. Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions - we're available by email (staff@hbeats.com), phone (703-440-900) and at the studio during our regularly schedule desk hours.