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Spring 2017 Dance Pricing

Class Tuition

Dance Class Tuition is divided into 6 equal payments, January-June. Installment payments are due on the first of each month. Tuition is based on the class-hours taken per-week as outlined in the table below. Look up the class hours taken each WEEK and the amount shown is what you pay per MONTHLY installment. In addition to the installments of tuition, a one-time $25 registration per-family is charged at time of registration.

Examples: Taking a single 1-hour class each week, for instance if you were taking our Mini Hip Hop Class, would cost $77 per monthly installment. If you were instead registered for a 90 minute class, it would be $115.50 per monthly installment. If you were taking TWO 1-hour classes each week, for instance Mini Hip Hop and also Ballet 1/2, that would be two class-hours so it would be $146 per monthly installment TOTAL.

Spring 2017 Dance Tuition
(monthly installment per student)
45m $57.75
1h $77
1.25h $96.25
1.5h $115.50
1.75h $134.75
2h $146
2.25h $164.25
2.5h $182.5
2.75h $200.75
3h $213
3.25h $230.75
3.5h $248.50
3.75h $266.25
4h $284
4.25h $301.75
4.5h $319.50
4.75h $337.25
5h $355
5.25h $372.75
5.5h $390.50
5.75h $408.25
Max $426

Private Lesson Tuition

Private dance lesson tuition, package of eight half-hour lessons:

  • One person - $312
  • Two people - $256 / person
  • Three+ people - $216 / person