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Spring 2017 Dance Calendar

January 14th-20th: First Week of Spring Classes

Welcome! Please check-in at the front desk before your first class.

February 4th-10th: Bring a Friend Week

All classes are invited to bring a friend with them to class this week. Friends must come with their parent or guardian or have a pre-signed waiver card. Please note that large classes may be asked to bring stuffed animal friends only.

February 24th - March 5th: National Dance Week!

Special events to be decided. Have an idea? Let us know!

April 10th-16th: Spring Break

No classes this week. Have a great vacation!

May 27th – 29th: Memorial Day Holiday

In observance of Memorial Day, the studio will be closed Saturday through Monday.

June 5th – 12th: Last Week of Classes / Friend & Family Watch Week

Friends and Family are invited to an informal performance/ demonstration this week to see what we’ve learned! Stay tuned for details.