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2018 Dance Recital Information


  • Everything will be included with your costume except proper shoes - if you do not have the appropriate dress code shoes yet, make sure you have them for the recital, the sooner the better. Students cannot perform without proper shoes.
  • We carefully measure all students before ordering costumes and factor in growing room but sometimes costumes still do not fit perfectly (pants need to be hemmed, straps shortened, your child had a huge growth spurt so a leotard needs to be lengthened, etc.). Any necessary adjustments are your ultimate responsibility. We will exchange the costume for you IF appropriate and IF there is time but this is not always possible.

Recital - Saturday May 12th at Lee High School [6540 Franconia Rd, Springfield, VA 22150]

  • We have two recitals, one at 1pm and one at 4pm. See the Recital Breakdown to lookup which recital your class is in.
  • Dancers should arrive in costume, with makeup and hair already done 30 minutes in advance. The show will begin promptly at the stated time.
  • Each recital will be less than 2 hours. Dancers will need to stay for the entire show. This way all students and families are supporting each other and everyone can participate in the curtain call together. Having been at shows where this is not required, we have seen how crushing it can be for students in the last few numbers to look out and see an auditorium that's only ¼ full.
  • Dancers will stay in the "green room" for the entire show. No parents are allowed in the green room during the show except for green room volunteers.
  • Each Pre-School Combo, Dance Combo, Level I and Level II class will have 1 or 2 designated backstage volunteers for the dress rehearsal and for the recital. To keep things calm and organized, no other parents will be allowed in the "green room" or backstage during the show-we will take great care of your special dancer while you enjoy the show!
  • To ensure the safety of the dancers and the enjoyment of those around you, videography and flash-photography are strictly prohibited during the recital. Only non-flash photography, taken from your ticketed seat is permitted during recital.


  • Your tickets can be purchased online (1PM Tickets Here, 4PM Tickets Here), by phone from the ticket vendor, or if you have questions, we can help you in-person at the studio. Please let us know BEFORE April 11th if you need special seating accommodations due to physical disability.
  • All tickets are reserved seating and are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Tickets go on sale on Wednesday April 11th at 7pm
  • Tickets prices are $14.00 for seats in rows A through H and $8 for all other seats.

Dress Rehearsal - Friday May 11th at Lee High School [6540 Franconia Rd, Springfield, VA 22150]

  • All students MUST be at the dress rehearsal in order to perform in the show. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students need this opportunity to get comfortable dancing in their costume, get familiar with the big stage, get their jitters out, etc.
  • Dress rehearsal is broken into one hour chunks. During that time, the class will run through their dance(s) on stage and practice the curtain call.
  • See the dress rehearsal breakdown for your class's dress rehearsal time. Please arrive 5 minutes early and in costume with hair and make-up done so you are ready to dance.
  • Videography and non-flash photography are both permitted during dress rehearsal.

Recital T-Shirts

  • Recital t-shirts, which will have all students’ names on the back are also available for pre-order at this time. Recital t-shirts are $22 pre-order or $25 at the show, keeping in mind that there will be very limited quantities available on show day.

Picture Days

  • Recital photos will be taken the week before show week (Monday, April 30th through Thursday May 3rd). Most classes will do pictures during their normal class time; daytime (before 4pm) and Saturday classes, however, will have a different photo day and time (TBD).
  • Sweet Lime Portrait Design (different photographer than last year) takes the photos right at our studio. They have done the photos at our Arlington location for the last 5+ years and they are wonderful – you can purchase class photos as well as individual photos.
  • All students should plan to attend even if you do not wish to purchase pictures – the studio would like a full class picture of all classes. Dances will be rehearsed in costume in addition to getting pictures taken.

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