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2017 Dress Rehearsal Breakdown

This is the intended Dress Rehearsal order. If you are in multiple dances within a timeslot, come in the costume that is listed first within that timeslot.

Plan to be at Dress Rehearsal for your entire hour time slot on Thursday June 15th at Edison High School.


Tap 3/4 Wed 6 pm
Beginnings 1 Tue 5:15 pm
Ballet 4 Tues 6:15 pm
Ballet 3 Tues 5:00 pm
B/J Combo Tue 5:00 pm
Mini Hip Hop Wed 5pm
Ballet/Jazz Thur 5 pm
Tap 1/2 Thur 5 pm
Curtain Call


Ballet/Tap/Jazz Sat 12 noon [B]
Ballet 1/2 Thur 6 pm
Acro Fri 6 pm
Mini Hip Hop Th 6:00pm
Beginnings 2 Sat 11 am
Beginnings 2 Wed 6 pm
Ballet/Tap/Jazz Sat 12 noon [T/J]
Jazz 3 Mon 6 pm
Curtain Call


Mini Jazz Company
Hip Hop 1/2 Thur 7pm
Jazz 1/2 Thur 7pm
Ballet/Tap Wed 7pm
Hip Hop 3/4 Mon 6pm
Lyrical 3 Tue 6:15pm
Teen Hip Hop Mon 7pm
Jr Jazz Company
Anna Mayo Solo
Curtain Call


Teen/Adult Contemporary Tue 7:15
Nihaal Solo
Contemporary 4 Thur 7 pm
Jazz 4 Mon 8 pm
Adult Tap Wed 7 pm
Break Dance Mon 8 pm
Sr. Contemporary Company
Megan Solo
Saige Solo
Curtain Call